Vintage T-Shirt Premium Cotton


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الشحن مجاني على أي طلب يتم تقديمه، مع ضمان الشحن ووقت التسليم خلال 8-12 يوم عمل.

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إذا كان المنتج المستلم ليس بالحجم المناسب لك أو كنت ترغب في التغيير إلى لون آخر، فسنقوم بتلبية طلبك على الفور واستبدال المنتج المطلوب مجانًا.

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نحن نستخدم طرق الدفع الأكثر أمانًا لجعل تقديم طلبك سهلاً قدر الإمكان. يمكن دفع الطلب عبر طرق الدفع التالية: أمريكان إكسبريس، فيزا، ماستر كارد، أبل باي، باي بال

Presenting our Vintage T-Shirt Premium Cotton, the pinnacle of style and refinement made especially for guys who value quality over quantity. This shirt is made for formal and business settings and captures the appeal of Old Money with an unmistakable Italian flair.

The Vintage T-Shirt Premium Cotton has a comfortable yet stylish fit and is made from a high-quality polyester and cotton blend. It adapts to your body in a graceful way while still allowing for flexibility and freedom of motion. This ground-breaking mixture guarantees not just longevity but also ease of maintenance, resisting creases to keep you looking sharp all day.

The shirt features a striped pattern, which is a classic and contemporary design element. The lines are perfectly straight and create a polished, expert, and elegant appearance throughout the fabric. It strikes a careful balance between being eye-catching and modest, making a statement without being overt.

The shirt was expertly crafted with regard to every last detail, and it displays a formal point collar, traditional button cuffs, and a spotless button placket. Each detail enhances the one before it, creating a shirt with a veiled appearance of grandeur. The Vintage T-Shirt Premium Cotton is evidence of old money's timeless style, enhanced by Italian craftsmanship.

  • Material: 100% premium cotton
  • Style: Formal/Business office/Casual
  • Season: all seasons
  • Gender: MEN
  • Feature: Breathable
Please check the size chart carefully before placing the order